University of Washington

Summer A Term 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

Social and Artistic Representations of Youth Unemployment in the Eurozone, Summer 2013

This study abroad program considers social and artistic representations of youth unemployment in the eurozone.  Using Germany, Spain, and the U.S. as case studies, we will learn about each respective economic system and the present situation of young people. 

During the spring preparatory seminar students will be introduced to the program topics and will learn background information that will assist them in forming a working draft of their group and individual research projects. During the summer portion students will make connections between EU countries and the U.S. and will understand the topics more in-depth.

The summer component includes classroom instruction, guest lectures, art and literature events, theatre and music performances, city walks, museum tours, and weekend excursions. Students will dialogue with experts at community centers, universities, and local non-project organizations. All of the site visits and meetings will inform their final projects. The final projects will include a written web based portfolio and a final presentation at the University of Washington Leon Center.

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