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Summer A Term 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Research Proposal Guidelines


“Social and Artistic Representations of Youth Unemployment in the Eurozone”
--Spring preparatory seminar Honors 397--
(updated May 29, 2013)

Project Proposals//Completed Proposal Posted to blog by June 14

Note: Preliminary proposal due by June 3, posted to blog, for presentations in class on June 3
6-8 pages posted to blog

1.     ABSTRACT of group project (approx 200-500 words). This is the main theme of the group, i.e. Health Care and Economics; Social Media, Technology; Arts; Immigration; Unemployment, Education, Healthcare Services; Globalization and Identity. (GROUP)

2.     BACKGROUND (approx 1,000 words).  This is an overview that synthesizes the group project. Include the process of coming to the main theme idea and consider context, i.e. why is the topic relevant? How will it advance your and others understanding? Remember to consider why it is of personal interest as well as why others (local and global communities) should care to know more about the topic. Also consider any struggles you have encountered while beginning your exploration. (GROUP or INDIVIDUAL)

Each group member will set up their own question as related to the main theme of the group project, which relates to the main theme of the program “Social and Artistic Representations of Youth Un-employment in the Eurozone: Germany and Spain as Case Studies”
Each member will discuss the background and relevance of question. Why have you chosen this question? What have you learned so far? (INDIVIDUAL)

4.     CULTURAL SENSITIVITY. What are your biases? What is your subject position? (INDIVIDUAL)

5.     DAILY SCHEDULE in Berlin, Madrid, and Leon. This will be tentative and may be a combination of group and individual schedules. This schedule will very likely be adjusted, but it’s good to start planning a tentative plan of action. How will you explore this question while you are in Berlin, Madrid, Leon? Where will you go? Who will you meet? (INDIVIDUAL)
People (names, titles, etc.)
Places (location and transportation)
Equipment (cameras, video recorders, paints, logbook, etc.)
Information you’ll gather (photos, notes from interviews, observations noted in logbook, etc.)

6.     REFERENCES at this point (bibliography, use correct formatting) (INDIVIDUAL)

7.     Groups will present their preliminary project proposals to the class on June 3 (five to six group projects 12 minutes approx per group with additional time for Q&A). We will have an extended class on June 3, 4:30-7:00 p.m.  with guest panel discussants per noted on the syllabus.
NOTE: you can present and post the above information in any format. Just make certain to cover all key points (post a copy on each group member’s blog).

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