University of Washington

Summer A Term 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Palace of Tears Assignment

Dear Group,

Visit the Palace of Tears to observe, learn, record, and reflect.

After taking the self guided tour, sit and record your observations and reflections. Record the date, time of day, and location (and other details you may note).

Take some time to observe the site silently, and also see who is at the site and activities. Situate yourself at the site.

Then consider:
history of the site
why memorial
what purpose
visual representation, how does it commemorate
why name "palace of tears"
think about borders and borders crossings. who is contained and who is not let in. Also you might think about the identity politics of the border, memories at the border, invisible borders, psychological borders, cultural borders, etc.

Reflect more generally on the narratives of the different individuals involved at this border crossing: guards, east berliners, west berliners, etc. who else? Thinks about the video narratives from the link we sent.  Consider how personal memories are also political-- personal and political are connected.

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