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Summer A Term 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Daily Diary: June 30th and July 1st

This was our first free weekend in Berlin and for me, a very restful one.
Everyone split up and did their own research and exploring. Some people checked out Museum Island, others watched the Spain v. Brasil soccer match or returned to Alexanderplatz for some shopping. The fire alarm went off at Die Fabrik and it took the firemen and polizei about half an hour to figure out how to turn it off (apparently it was a glitch in the system). Those of us who sought refuge from the noise in the cafe received drinks on the house. I also decided to have dinner there and they have an awesome meatloaf with potatoes and eggs...but I digress.

I used the weekend walk around Berlin and try and find some interesting street art and graffiti, which is literally everywhere. I don't even know if I remember seeing a blank wall during my walk. There were a lot of political messages in the graffiti: I found quite a few pieces that referred to Marxism and revolution. I noticed a lot of distinct tags, for example, the pig that I have attached on this post. Artists paint these small pictures all over the city to mark their territory, it seems. There was also a lot of pieces that I would call art, not graffiti. A lot of these pieces were huge and elaborate and it seemed like they were commissioned. The dead animals on the wall were done by a Belgian street artist known as Roa. He has pieces in the same style of animals all over Berlin. "Roa is reflecting the life in his works, the death is an inseparable part of life and the only certain thing in it."
 I think it's really interesting to find out more about the artists and the messages that they are trying to convey with their works, but I also think it takes away a bit of the mystery and the beauty of the art itself.

Other than that, I checked out a model search fashion show at Alexanderplatz for Elite Model Management and had schnitzel for dinner one night (at the place near the Warshauer Strasse station), which was wonderful.

Besides the gloomy weather, I think this weekend was a good one for all of us, whether we were resting, exploring, or researching for our project.
I've attached some pictures below!


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